Stop Competing on Price digital copiaA differentiation manual to sell with dignity

Many companies don’t differentiate; and even if they do, fail to say it in a meaningful way. When clients do not perceive a difference, they will decide based on price. In this book you will learn how to design and communicate your uniqueness, to stop competing on price.

This book is about differentiation. About how to transform an average business into a remarkable business. How to get away from the noise and being memorable. The problem is not having a higher prices, but that the client doesn’t understand why. Not everyone wants to buy cheaper. Happy differentiation.

Anyone can sell at low prices. The challenge is to sell arguing the value, not the price. This is the essence of this book. Welcome to a new mentality to sell at fair prices.

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Selling cheap is an option      

Very few businesses can compete on price

What comes because of price, goes away because of price

Value yourself in order to be valued by others

Confronting price wars

Praying is not a marketing strategy

Chapter 2: If Clients don’t Perceive a Difference, Decide on Price

Challenging the imminent commoditization

When there’s no differentiation, price will be lowered

If you have to lower the price, do it without destroying value

The first thing to sell is the seller

Price is a relative perception of value

Chapter 3: Not Everyone Wants to Buy Cheap

Competing on price is optional

Price isn’t everything

Be proud of your price

Why companies compete on price

How to stop competing on price

Chapter 4: Stop Chasing the Wrong Customer  

The problem of trying to sell to anyone

The majority won’t be your customers

Niche doesn’t mean small

The wrong customer versus the right one

How to define your market when you don’t have customers yet

Chapter 5: The Art of Differentiation

The endless search for differentiation

Differentiation pays off

Demystifying the search for difference

False differences

Chapter 6: How to Design your Difference

Ask your customers

Can’t find a difference? Create one

10 alternatives for differentiation

How to identify the most profitable difference

Chapter 7: How to Test your Difference

Different might not mean unique

Strengths aren’t differences

Three characteristics of a good differentiator

Testing your difference on a small scale

Chapter 8: How to Communicate your Difference

Communicating your difference in advertising

Communicating your difference with a slogan

Communicating your difference through the salesperson

Communicating your difference in the brand experience

Communicating your difference at every contact point

Chapter 9: Differentiation is a Never-ending Process

When to renew your difference

Evolve your uniqueness

Adapting to continuous migration

Happy differentiation

Chapter 10: 100 Examples of Differentiation

10 Examples of Positioning yourself differently

10 Examples of Product features

10 Examples of Service level

10 Examples of Storytelling

10 Examples of Market niche

10 Examples of Customer experience

10 Examples of Specialization

10 Examples of Distribution

10 Examples of Design

10 Examples of Processes

10 Unbreakable Laws to Stop Competing on Price


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