Additional information of examples and brands mentioned on Chapter 8: How to communicate your difference.

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Verizon mobile

There’s a map for that campaign in 2009, showing better coverage versus AT&T.

Verizon explains its better coverage difference: Better matters

RootMetrics demonstrates the difference, saying that Verizon has charged a higher price because of its better network: Which wireless carrier is king?

Ad on the back cover of Hemispheres magazine from United Airlines (September 2015), being consistent with their message.

Anuncio Verizon Sep 2015

LoJack – Security system

Direct message from LoJack: What is yours is yours

LoJack lo tuyo es tuyo

Fage yogurt

Fage yogurt emphasizes its main characteristic: Ridiculously thick.


Easy DIY store

The essence of Easy is “do-it-yourself” (even if you think you can’t). They say it so clear at this ad: “It’s Easy, you can.”

Es Easy Vos Podes

Mister Tru empanadas

Mister Tru communicates its benefit: “They don’t smash at the frying pan.”

Empanadas Mister Tru

I Can’t Believe it’s not Butter

I can’t believe it’s not butter challenges other brands with facts and data. The brand name itself is the best way to communicate the benefit: it’s not butter and tastes good.


Juan Valdez Cafe

At Juan Valdez stores, their slogan goes separated from the brand. Juan Valdez, “The store from Colombian coffee growers.”

Juan Valdez La tienda de los caficultores colombianos


BDP is a logistics company present in 130 countries. One of its differences is the system called BDP Smart, allowing customers to track everything in real time.

BDP Smart - Logistics

Ask More Get More

Link to the book in Amazon: Ask More, Get More: How to Earn More, Save More, and Live More… Just by Asking.

Michael Alden Ask More Get More

Differentiation Model

Explanation of The Differentiation Model by David Gómez (Spanish).

Edison Osorio plastic surgery

Application of the Differentiation Model. Plastic surgeon Edison Osorio in Medellín (Colombia) has developed each element of the model.

Entrance to the office of Dr. Edison Osorio:

Edison Osorio ingreso consultorio

Target market: Professional women with kids that want to recover their femininity: Discrete surgeries:

Edison Osorio Mercado Objetivo

Competitors emphasizes beauty and sensuality among other arguments:

Edison Osorio Competencia

The difference of Dr. Osorio is based on patient experience: Loving, candid and affective.

Edison Osorio Equipo de trabajo

Dr. Osorio amplifies his difference at many touchpoints: A hot chocolate evokes familiarity • Advertising reflects discrete beauty • Website maintain sober messages • Office preparation evoking tranquility with music and a representative image • Waiting room with fishbowl to relax.

Edison Osorio Chocolate caliente Edison Osorio Comunicacion  Edison Osorio Pagina web Edison Osorio Recepcion del paciente Edison Osorio Sala de espera

Commercial script includes financing alternatives, additional massages and other services.

Edison Osorio Comunicacion 2

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