Additional information of examples and brands mentioned on Chapter 7: How to test your difference.

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Pizza brand positioning

Papa John’s: Better ingredients. Better pizza.

Papa Johns Mejores ingredientes Mejor Pizza

Domino’s Pizza: 30 minutes or free.

Dominos Pizza 30 minutos o gratis

Battery testers


Experience in Bariloche (Argentina): Long lines and a lot of waiting times to take transportation • Preferred line for Citi customers.

Enormes-filas Caja-preferencial-clientes-Citi

Lounge at Aventura Mall (Miami): Space inside the mall with space to sit, coffee station, battery chargers and ATM. During Christmas offer gift packaging and Santa ticket express.

Citi Lounge Aventura Mall 1 Citi Lounge Aventura Mall 2 Citi Lounge Aventura Mall 3 Citi Lounge

Colgate Ultra White

Direct communication of its difference: Whiter teeth in 14 days.

Colgate Ultra Blanco

Tierra Tec

Evidence their benefit in their communication: We install production unit at the place, saving on transportation costs.


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