Additional information of examples and brands mentioned on Chapter 2: If a client doesn’t perceive a difference, they will decide based on price.

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Techron gasoline aditive

Website that explains product features: Techron

Farmacias Similares (drugstore chain)

Farmacias Similares (Similar Pharmacies) website: Farmacias Similares

Juan Valdez differentiates a commodity

Juan Valdez Promotional video • Café de Colombia historic ads • Book: Juan Valdez, la estrategia detrás de la marca (Juan Valdez, the strategy behind the brand) • Juan Valdez Communication article.

Cafe de Colombia 1 Cafe de Colombia 2 Cafe de Colombia 3

Libro Juan Valdez la estrategia detras de la marca

Article that explains the evolution of Juan Valdez communication (Spanish): Juan Valdez, más que una campaña publicitaria.

The Man in the Chair Campaign

Ad The Man in the Chair from McGraw-Hill, 1958 • Video that adapts the concept to modern digital times.

The man in the chair

The Price of Everything

Book The Price of Everything from Eduardo Porter, where explains that the price is a relative function of perceived value: The Price of Everything.

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